Promote healty behaviours and suppoRt the best EVidENce To allow a satisfactory sexual Intimacy and the best cOuple fitNess

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

Much evidence has clearly documented that wrong life-style behaviours such as reduced physical activity and a diet enriched on fats and proteins represent the most important risk factors for a reduced life-expectancy by increasing the development of noncommunicable diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and chronic lung illnesses.

The same factors can play a crucial role in impairing sexual function, often the first clinical sign of the aforementioned conditions. Available data also support a crucial role of a good and satisfactory couple relationship in successfully coping potentially negative life-stressors by promoting virtuous and healthy behaviours.

ESSM congress represents a unique chance to share the best evidence-based knowledge and the upcoming novelties in the field of sexual medicine. Promoting preventive care and supporting the correct life-style is the cornerstone for improving overall and sexual health.

The chair of the Scientific Committee Mikkel Fode, along with his team is preparing a fantastic program which will include the best of the best worldwide speakers. In addition, as we did in the past, it is our pleasure to host the most important Societies of the field for sharing different perspective and covering the all most important scientific aspects.

ESSM in not only science! We are celebrating our 25th congress in Bari, an amazing Italian city. The sea, the food and the atmosphere and the surprises that our Past President Carlo Bettocchi is preparing will guarantee unforgettable times for science and fun.

See you soon!

Giovanni Corona
ESSM President

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

I am looking forward to welcoming all of you in my hometown and celebrate ESSM’ 25th congress!
The European Society for Sexual Medicine comes back to Italy for the third time, after having previously been in Rome (2001) and Milan (2011). Bari and Apulia are nowadays the most visited place in Italy for tourism, being one of the richest archaeological regions in our country with a great combination of breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and mild weather. Walking through the streets of Bari means feeling the local culture, history, tradition, architecture and for having one of the most beautiful seafronts in Italy.
For the first time, we have moved the annual Congress from a Conference Centers to a Hotel, with the strong conviction that this will lead to a warmer interaction between the attendees and an easier communication between exhibitors and participants. We are preparing an inspiring scientific program and the Congress location is placed in a nice area surrounded by characteristic restaurants and bars where you can make yourself comfortable and relax while drinking a cocktail or savoring the innovative dishes based on the most authentic Apulian cuisine while discussing over the novelties presented at the congress where you will once again discover the multidisciplinary nature of our field!
Flights to Bari Airport (Karol Wojtyła) are frequent with a high number of direct flights in Europe (we had over 3,500,000 passengers in 2022); connections in the city are supported by a very quick, effective taxi service, in addition to public buses and car sharing.
Although the weather is an unpredictable variable, Bari has a Mediterranean climate, with mild and dry winters.
We are working hard to make the ESSM Congress 2024 in Bari an unforgettable event, but the only real secret to achieving this goal is to host all of you!

Carlo Bettocchi
ESSM Past President & Congress President

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