Scientific Topics

1) Basic and translational science
•    Preclinical research on male SD
•    Preclinical research on female SD

2) Male sexual health and dysfunction
•    ED epidemiology and risk factors
•    ED and lifestyle management
•    ED conservative / medical treatment
•    PE epidemiology and risk factors
•    PE medical treatment
•    Libido disorders
•    Prostate cancer treatment and sexual rehabilitation
•    Peyronie’s disease
•    Penile congenital anomalies
•    Penile disorders (priapism, penile cancer, skin lesions)
•    Other ejaculatory and orgasmic disorders
•    Prostate and male sexual health
•    Hormones and male sexual health
•    Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and sexual function
•    Couple infertility and male sexual dysfunction
•    Miscellaneous

3) Female sexual health and dysfunction
•    Epidemiology and risk factors
•    Libido, arousal and orgasmic disorders
•    Pelvic / genital pain syndrome and FSD
•    Recurrent urogenital infections and sex
•    Hormones and women’s sexual health
•    Cancer (breast, uterus) and sex
•    Incontinence and sex life
•    Sexual life in the elderly woman
•    Medical treatment for FSD
•    Contraception, pregnancy and sex
•    STD manifestations and women sexual function
•    Miscellaneous

4) Sexology
•    Psychosexual issues of male and female sexual dysfunction
•    Sexual life in the elderly men and women
•    Cultural and religious issues of male and female sexual dysfunction
•    Psychosexual interventions in male and female sexual dysfunction
•    Commerce and female sexuality

5) Male and Female genito-urinary reconstructive surgery

•    ED surgical treatment
•    Male genital reconstructive surgery
•    Urogenital surgery and women’s sexual health
•    Genital plastic surgery and women’s sexual health

6) Transgender sexual health and dysfunction
•    Sexual function and dysfunction in homosexuality and gender identity disorders.
•    Reconstructive surgery of transgender people

7) News in sexual medicine field
•    News in medical therapy for male sexual dysfunction
•    News in medical therapy for female sexual dysfunction
•    New medical device for the treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction
•    Laser therapy and female sexual dysfunction

8) New technologies and sexual function
•    Role of the web in male and female sexual function and dysfunction
•    Role of social networks in the field of sexual medicine
•    App based educational facilities for professionals and/or patients