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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Session Type: Master Lectures 2
Session Topic: Penile prosthesis, present past and future
Session Content: David Ralph, ESSM past president, will give an overview on penile prosthesis summarizing the history of this surgical approach and the lessons we learned from it, the current treatment options and possible future approach.

Session Type: Debate 2
Session Topic: Is testosterone treatment in middle-aged elderly men with BPH safe?
Session Content: The prostate safety during testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) still represents a matter of intense debate. Recent data have paradoxically showed that TRT might improve and not worsen low urinary tract symptoms especially in patients with metabolic syndrome. During this debate 2 outstanding speaker will disc us all more recent data on this topic.

Session Type: Round Table 4
Session Topic: Difficult cases in female clinical practice
Session Content: Specific topics, including persistent genital arousal disorder, severe VVA in menopausal woman and post SSRI sexual dysfunction will be covered. An overview of the main pathological underlying factors and the possible treatment will be provided.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Session Type: Debate 3
Session Topic: Are penile surgical lengthening procedure the best option for patients complaining of short penis?
Session Content: Short penis is a quite frequent clinical condition during sexual medicine consultations. Although sometimes it reflects only an underlying psychological problem several surgical approach including radical prostatectomy. The surgical and non-surgical approach to the short penis will be discussed by the 2 speakers during an interactive debate.

Session Type: Round Table 7
Session Topic: Sexual distress
Session Content: Sexual distress is an obvious consequence of all sexual problems. Sometimes it represents the main cause of the sexual complaint. On overall overview of the problem along with the impact on specific topics including endometriosis and premature ejaculation will be covered.

Session Type: Round Table 10
Session Topic: Developments in the pharmacological treatment of female HSDD
Session Content: Female hypoactive sexual desire represents one of the most frequent female sexual complain. Recently new drugs have been approved for its treatment. During this RT, past option and the new treatment modalities will be extensively summarized and discussed.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Session Type: Debate 7
Session Topic: Vaginal rejuvenation: Is laser therapy is the best option?
Session Content The use of energy-based device including laser have been promoted as vaginal “rejuvenation” to alleviate symptoms of the genitourinary syndrome of menopause and treat conditions such as vaginal laxity and stress urinary incontinence. The scientific evidence, however, is still conflicting. During this debate the evidence regarding the use of lasers will be discussed.

Session Type: Round Table 19
Session Topic: Penile reconstructive surgery in patients with severe curvature
Session Content: Surgical treatment of severe curvature represents a challenge topic of all the surgeons involved in the sexual medicine field. Novelty and consolidate treatments will be summarized and discussed.

Session Type: Round Table 20
Session Topic: Novelty treatment for sexual dysfunction
Session Content: Novelty for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation from preclinical evidence to clinical reality will be summarized and discussed.

Discuss Clinical Cases with Your Favorite Speakers


Outstanding speakers and scientists will discuss clinical cases during the breaks on the 22nd Congress. Attendees are requested to register for these great opportunities. More information will be available soon

  • Mario Maggi, endocrinologist from Florence will cover the hyperprolactinemia
  • Hartmut Porst, past ESSM president will discuss about erectile dysfunction
  • Annamaria Giraldi, ISSM president elect will cover women sexual dysfunction
  • Maarten Albersen, ESSM Executive Committee member and past ESSM scientific committee chair will discuss about Induration penis plastic

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During the congress specific session of the ISSM, MESSM, SMSNA, WAS EPATH along with ESSM/EFS, ESSM/ISSWSH will be organized.

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