ESSM Preparation Courses

If you are not a fellow yet, apply to the exams, take the preparation course and combine with “one to remember” congress.

The ESSM Preparation Courses are intended for physicians with experience of specialist practice in Sexual Medicine who wish to increase their chance of passing the exam.

The courses provide an overview of all subjects in the MJCSM curriculum of Sexual Medicine that may be included in the examination, as well as advice about exam-taking skills and practice in completing a Sexual Medicine MCQ. The teaching faculty includes experts in the field of Sexual Medicine.

The 3 days’ ESSM Preparation Courses will be held directly before the MJCSM and ECPS exams.

Exam Preparation Courses: January 20–22, 2020
MJCSM exam*: January 23, 2020
ECPS exam**: January 23, 2020
*Multidisciplinary Joint Committee on Sexual Medicine
**EFS & ESSM certified Psycho-Sexologist

Please note

Registration opens August 5, 2019.