Session Rooms

Some of the sessions will be held in large halls. Please consider this when preparing your PowerPoint presentation and use a design / size of the text and images that is readily appreciated.

Presentation Technology

The halls in the Congress Centre are equipped with notebooks/laptops and all presenters are encouraged to project data directly from this equipment. Therefore, please bring your presentation in PC-compatible format (PowerPoint recommended, but other formats are possible) on a CD ROM or USB stick no later than 90 minutes prior to your presentation to the Speakers Centre. Presentations from a personal notebook/laptop are not possible. It will not be possible to use traditional slides in trays or magazines.

We recommend that PC presentations (PC charts) are prepared in landscape format in 16:9. To ensure that the PC charts on the screen are legible from the seats in the very back of the hall, it is essential to use the following font sizes:

  • Headers: bold, font size 40
  • Sub-headings: bold, font size 32 or 36
  • Text and figures: normal, font size 24 or 28

Choose a dark background and a light font or a light background and dark font. If you use colours for text and graphics, please ensure they are strong colours that stand out from each other.

For your PC presentation, we recommend you use Microsoft PowerPoint. The animation feature will help you bring your text to life and increase the audience’s attention.

Posters are displayed either in the poster exhibition or have been selected as highlighted posters with a presentation in a moderated tour of 30 minutes during the morning and afternoon breaks, no power presentation is required.

The posters will be arranged according to topics, sessions and will be consecutively numbered.
As an example; Male sexual dysfunction P-1-1:
P = poster, 1 = session 1, 01 = abstract 1 under the topic of Male sexual dysfunction.

The poster exhibition is open to all conference delegates.

Please prepare your poster in the measurements 95 cm x 125 cm, portrait style.

For the writing on your posters please use large, semi-bold letters, at least 5 mm high, it should be easily readable at a distance of 2 – 3 m.

Please print your poster on paper or a light material, that allows adhesives to stick it to the poster boards.

Please note

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ESSM Scientific Secretariat,