Mission Statement

Sexuality is presumably the most important element in our life by which one person is related to another. There is a body of evidence that medical professionals do not have adequate knowledge of sexuality, to serve patients with sexual complaints in a professional way. Sexual dysfunction is a common problem which affects millions of men and their partners across all age groups, affecting quality of life, confidence and mood and often results in partnership and other social problems. ESSM aims to promote sexual health and the highest standards of evidence based sexual medicine clinical care through education, research and the formulation of health care.

Physicians are expected to show a certain level of understanding and appreciation regarding the impact of psychological, medical and surgical conditions on sexual functions. The term ‘Sexual Medicine’ encompasses all domains of sexuality in both sexes and related educational and training initiatives are aiming to achieve a better professional standard in patient services of this field. The importance of sexuality in the medical domain is well established and related educational programs for physicians and students are logical consequences of our common efforts for the benefit of all the millions of sufferers.