Scientific Topics

TOPICS on Male Sexual Disorders (MSD)
1.Preclinical research
2.Psychosexual issues and management
3.ED epidemiology and risk factors
4.ED and lifestyle management
5.ED conservative / medical treatment
6. ED surgical treatment
7.Prostate cancer treatment and sexual rehabilitation
8.Peyronie’s disease
9.Penile congenital anomalies
10.Rare penile disorders (priapism, penile cancer, skin lesions)
11.Genital reconstructive surgery
12.Ejaculatory and orgasmic disorders
13.Prostate and male sexual health
14.Hormones and male sexual health
15.Homosexuality and gender identity disorders
16.Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
TOPICS on Female Sexual Disorders (FSD)
1.Preclinical research
2.Epidemiology and risk factors
3.Urogenital surgery and women’s sexual health
4.Cultural and religious issues
5.Libido, arousal and orgasmic disorders
6.Pelvic / genital pain syndrome and FSD
7.Recurrent urogenital infections and sex
8.Hormones and women’s sexual health
9.Cancer (breast, uterus) and sex
10.MSD and women’s sexual health
11.Genital plastic surgery and women’s sexual health
12.Incontinence and sex life
13.Sexual life in the elderly woman
14.Drugs for FSD
15.Psychosexual interventions in FSD
16. Contraception, pregnancy and sex
17.STD manifestations in women
18.Commerce and female sexuality