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Almost 1,200 attending delegates - representing 76 countries - have attended the 18th ESSM Congress in Madrid.

Top 10 countries were Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany and USA.

This is a great success and motivates ESSM to go one step forward with the preparation of next year´s meeting.

Save the date – 19th European Congress on Sexual Medicine

2 – 4 February 2017

Nice, France

More information will follow !

ESSM 2016 in pictures...

Congratulations to all awardees of the ESSM Congress 2016

F1000 Poster Prize

Female Clinical | P-02-010

Gitte Vittrup, Denmark: Sexological treatment of vulvodynia part  of a multidisciplinary approach

Male Clinical | HP-06-004

Eugenio Ventimiglia, Italy: Multiple PDE5i prescription as a marker of decreased overall men's health: A real-life study

Basic Science | HP-07-001 

Hotaka Matsui, USA: Exogenous TNF-alpha induces apoptosis of nitrergic neurons and impairs neurite outgrowth from the major pelvic ganglion

NRU Winners

Female Clinical | HP-02-003

Els Pazmany, Belgium: The Leuven Vulvalgesiometer: Improved device to measure genital pain-pressure thresholds in clinical practice and research

Male Clinical | HP-01-004

Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Greece: The Egydio geometrical procedure for managing  penile curvature using a single relaxing incision: A single-centre experience with 330 patients

Basic Science Poster | HP-07-004

Karen Hannigan, Ireland: GoSlo-SR5-130 activates BKCa channels and inhibits spontaneous contractility in rabbit corpus cavernosum

Basic Video Poster | PS-07-004

Edoardo Pescatori, Italy: Ventral median yachia under spongiosum body: A novel approach for correction of dorsal penile curvature 

Best Presentation Awards

Psychosexual, gender and sexology

Michal Lew-Starowicz, Poland 
Brain mechanisms underlying out-of-control sexual behaviors

FSD - Clinical

Stephanie Both, The Netherlands
The effects of aversive classical conditioning on sexual response in women with genito-pelvic pain disorder and sexually functional controls

MSD- Preclinical

Nikolai Sopko, USA

SDF-1 treatment promotes major pelvic ganglion neurite outgrowth by upregulating neurotrophic factor expression, which is blocked by AMD3100  

MSD- Clinical

Giulia Rastrelli, Italy

How to define hypogonadism? Results from a population of men consulting for sexual dysfunction

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