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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), the two French Associations of Sexology, AIUS (Association Interdisciplinaire post-Universitaire de Sexologie) and its President Mireille Bonierbale, SFMS (Société Francophone de Médecine Sexuelle) and its President Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, we are delighted to welcome you all to the 19th Congress of the ESSM in Nice, 2017.

Nice is a pulsating city, capital of the French Riviera and its famous “Promenade des Anglais” running on the sea shore ANGELS BAY with the snowed ALPES Mountains in decor background. Even in winter the temperatures are lenient. You can reach Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (2nd Airport of the country) on non-stop flights from more than 140 destinations. The ESSM congress will be hosted at the Acropolis Center.

The goals of the congress will be to both deliver the optimal scientific and educational programs and to promote the field of Sexual Medicine. The content of the congress will cover topics regarding both sexes and all sexual orientations and both state-of-the-art educational opportunities and the newest innovative research will be highlighted. To achieve this, the faculty will include both renowned experts and up-coming stars in our field. The Local Organizing Committee will strive to make the importance of the congress evident to the public and to the scientific and health care authorities. This is crucial because of the obvious co-dependence between the people who develop and the people who perform treatments. Finally, we wish to create more networking opportunities for especially young researchers and health care providers with an interest in Sexual Medicine. We encourage each of you to listen, to learn, to disagree, to debate and if require to argue, and most of to enjoy both, old and new friendships.

If you have time to enjoy the city during the congress, a thousand year history awaits you in museums and open historical buildings throughout the Old City (Vieux-Nice).

We look forward to welcoming you to Nice and together we will build a great ESSM Congress for 2017.

ESSM President
Local co-chair
Antoine FAIX
Local co-chair



ESSM 2016 in pictures

Congratulations to all awardees of the ESSM Congress 2016

F1000 Poster Prize

Female Clinical | P-02-010

Gitte Vittrup, Denmark: Sexological treatment of vulvodynia part  of a multidisciplinary approach

Male Clinical | HP-06-004

Eugenio Ventimiglia, Italy: Multiple PDE5i prescription as a marker of decreased overall men's health: A real-life study

Basic Science | HP-07-001 

Hotaka Matsui, USA: Exogenous TNF-alpha induces apoptosis of nitrergic neurons and impairs neurite outgrowth from the major pelvic ganglion

NRU Winners

Female Clinical | HP-02-003

Els Pazmany, Belgium: The Leuven Vulvalgesiometer: Improved device to measure genital pain-pressure thresholds in clinical practice and research

Male Clinical | HP-01-004

Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Greece: The Egydio geometrical procedure for managing  penile curvature using a single relaxing incision: A single-centre experience with 330 patients

Basic Science Poster | HP-07-004

Karen Hannigan, Ireland: GoSlo-SR5-130 activates BKCa channels and inhibits spontaneous contractility in rabbit corpus cavernosum

Basic Video Poster | PS-07-004

Edoardo Pescatori, Italy: Ventral median yachia under spongiosum body: A novel approach for correction of dorsal penile curvature 

Best Presentation Awards

Psychosexual, gender and sexology

Michal Lew-Starowicz, Poland 
Brain mechanisms underlying out-of-control sexual behaviors

FSD - Clinical

Stephanie Both, The Netherlands
The effects of aversive classical conditioning on sexual response in women with genito-pelvic pain disorder and sexually functional controls

MSD- Preclinical

Nikolai Sopko, USA

SDF-1 treatment promotes major pelvic ganglion neurite outgrowth by upregulating neurotrophic factor expression, which is blocked by AMD3100  

MSD- Clinical

Giulia Rastrelli, Italy

How to define hypogonadism? Results from a population of men consulting for sexual dysfunction